With temperatures reaching record highs this summer, shorts are the way to go for comfort and style. But wait, shorts aren’t very fashionable, are they? Of course they can be and they’re trendy this season.

Normally if you want to look great this summer, you stick to wearing comfortable jeans or even a beautiful sundress. Now, you can add shorts to the list of what to wear. You just have to know how to wear them. Also, take into consideration the brand of shorts you’re wearing.

  • This summer, if you want to remain fashionable in a pair of shorts go safe with a pair by Prada. No one will question your taste if you’re seen in a high fashion name like that.
  • Be a fashionista yourself. Turn a pair of denim jeans into cut-offs.
  • Cargo shorts are a hot item this summer. Don’t let the idea that they are just for men influence your decision to stay away from them. You’ll find some cute cargo shorts to wear this season, or if in doubt, stick to short shorts.

Enjoy the rest of your summer in high fashion and comfort. Keep following TOO GOOD TO BE THREW for the latest in fashion trends.

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