Furniture Consignor Agreement

Furniture Consignor Agreement

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This is a Consignment Agreement between the Merchandise Owner (Owner) and TOO GOOD TO BE THREW (TGTBT).
The parties agree as follows:

Consignor Name
Consignor Name
Owner appoints TGTBT as an agent for the sale of items of merchandise consigned with TGTBT for a period of 90 days from the date of consignment with an option provided at the discretion of TGTBT to extend the consignment on select items for 30 additional days at terms mutually agreed upon by TGTBT and the consignor. TGTBT pays the consignor 50% of the selling price for items sold.
All prices will be determined by TGTBT. At the end of the initial 30 day consignment period TGTBT will reduce the sales price of the consignments by 10%. After an additional 30 day period TGTBT will reduce the sales price of the consignments by an additional 10%. In addition, TGTBT may further reduce items according to sales events or unforeseen condition of items regardless of the date of consignment.
One-time VIP membership dues of $10.00 will be deducted from your first consignment check. This will give you exclusive on-line access to your account at all times. There is a buyer’s fee of $3.95 for each item priced between $2.00 and $49.99. Items priced between $50.00 and $149.99 will have a buyer’s fee of $4.95 and items priced over $150.00 will have a buyer’s fee of $9.95. This fee is a small amount added to the cost of an item that is not part of the 50/50 split. This fee is used to cover a variety of merchandising costs involved in getting your item to the floor and selling it. For example, a sofa priced at $120.00 will have a $4.95 fee added and the tag will read $124.95. The 50/50 split will be calculated on the $120.00 price of the item. The fee is automatically deducted from the consignor split when an item is sold. The consignor will be charged for any cleaning or repair charges deemed necessary by TGTBT.
Consignor agrees to pick up any unsold items within seven (7) days of the consignment term expiration. Any items not picked up by the Consignor within 7 days of the consignment term expiration date will become the property of TGTBT. Regardless of any extension to this agreement, TGTBT Consignment reserves the right to sell or donate any consignments still in our possession after 90 days. TGTBT Consignment shall not notify consignors prior to this action.
Consignor may pick up item(s) before the consignment term is up, however, there is a 25% penalty fee based on the original sale price of the item. Once a Consignor has decided to cancel the contract, they have one day to arrange for pickup. Items will remain on the floor, available for sale, until they have been picked up.
Commission checks for Consignor earnings of $75 or more are issued for the prior month’s sales by the 20th of the month. A $2.00 processing/handling fee per check will be deducted from each consignor check issued. Consignor shall be responsible for any fees associated with lost checks by mail. Payments for Consignor earnings less than $75 will be payable in cash at the end of the consignment contract, or if all active items have been sold. It is the sole responsibility of the Consignor to inquire about consignment earnings associated with this agreement. Earnings for layaway transactions are payable to the consignor upon receipt of the final payment.
TGTBT is not responsible for any loss or damage to consignment items caused by handling. It is further understood that TGTBT assumes no responsibility in the event of loss of said merchandise by reason of fire, theft or burglary. In compliance with Laws of the State of Texas, Consignor does hereby warrant and state the following: As the sole owner of the items described in this agreement, I am within my legal rights to consign these items. I have read, understand and fully agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
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