Discovering Her Passion

After high school, Linda embarked on a career as a secretary and although very successful she lacked adventure in her life. On a girl’s weekend trip to Austin she stepped into a beautiful consignment store (she remembers it had a chandelier) she knew immediately what her calling and passion in life was.

Linda’s adventure began in a 1979 in a 900 SF store with a sign she handprinted onto a wooden slat, “Too Good To Be Threw.”  It hung just a little bit crooked on the store front. Her first consignors were herself, her Mom and her girlfriends. She took out a tiny ad in the small local newspaper that was thrown onto everyone’s driveway and it seemed to do the trick as her first customers arrived.


Linda’s first store was leased from one of San Antonio’s most notorious business men and a year later, without warning he gave her 30 days notice. Linda found a bigger, better location in a shopping center and re-opened her lady’s consignment store.  In the following years Linda opened up a men’s consignment store, a children’s consignment store and a furniture consignment store the same shopping center.

Linda’s Mom came to work for her and eventually Linda sold the furniture store to her. Linda consolidated men’s and women’s stores into one and got out of the children’s business. In her current fashions location “store 1604” Linda and her staff ran a coffee shop for many years.  The coffee shop brought in consignors and shoppers and vice versa. She eventually stopped serving coffee and closed that part of the business to focus 100% on consignment. Linda also bought back the furniture business once her Mom aged on beyond its demanding hours (but Linda’s Mom remains her biggest cheerleader and still goes to market with her and asks her nightly, “how was business today?”

TLC For Customers & Staff

Linda’s first consignors and shoppers are still with her today and that’s one of her keys to success – outstanding customer care and service. To this day Linda meets and greets her customers and has taught her staff (many of whom have been with Linda for 8-14 years) that there is no replacement for personal care and attention of customers, they are people and they are important. She feels the same way towards her staff celebrating birthdays, life events and being there for them.

Always Spend On Marketing

Another key to Linda’s success is marketing. She’s done a lot herself and also found great value in working with top marketing agencies especially in the ever changing digital marketing environment. Linda has done TV spots on local channels, radio, newspaper, postcards, billboards, social media and has a website that has launched her business globally.  She has always believed that being on the cutting edge with marketing is a key to success.

Hire Someone Great When They Come Along

In 2001, Kathi Lux joined the team as VP Operations, coming over from a corporate retailer. Kathi brought a few finishing touches such as daily goals, a team handbook and just enough corporate organization to take the business to the next level. Kathi leads a team of truly amazing, friendly, knowledgeable and talented Store Managers,  Sales Professionals, Handymen and Movers.

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